What is the geoid


1828: C.F. Gauss first describes the "mathematical figure of the Earth" (Heiskanen and Moritz, 1967, p. 49 ; Torge, 1991, p. 2 ; Gauss, 1828)

1849: G.G. Stokes derives the formula for computing the "surface of the Earth's original fluidity" from surface gravity measurements. This later became immortalized as "Stokes's integral" (Heiskanen and Moritz, 1967, p. 94; Stokes, 1849)

1873: J.F. Listing coins the term "geoid" to describe this mathematical surface (Torge, 1991, p. 2 ; Listing, 1873)

1880: F.R. Helmert presents the first full treatise on "Physical geodesy", including the problem of computing the shape of the geoid.


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