Cadastral alpha-numeric data

The Cadastre is one of the country's basic registers. It shows individual cadastral units of land-ownership and parcels and areas separated from them. Each  real estate unit - including transfers of part has a unique identifier which provides a key to all the data about them. The data is based on land surveys and decisions by the authorities. The Cadastre is a public register.

The Cadastre contains basic cadastral data on registered units, such as the name and size of real estate /cadastral unit, road rights and other servitudes applying to it, its share of common areas, whether it comes under a detailed land use plan or master plan, and information about other decisions pertaining to it. Cadastral register data is needed, for example, when real estate deals are concluded, applications for a building permit submitted and rights of servitudes examined.

All District Survey Offices can supply excerpts from the Cadastre covering the whole of Finland.

In spring 1998, NLS introduced a new data system which enabled it to update both the cadastral alpha-numeric  and the digital cadastral index map in the same database, as well as provide information from the system.

Cadastral boundary index map

The cadastral index map shows the existing real estate/parcel/cadastral unit division and is part of the Cadastre.

The cadastral index map shows the boundaries of existing real estate and cadastral unit numbers. Transfers of parts are entered in the Cadastre and depicted on the index map as symbols and with their identifiers. Servitudes and rights and restrictions entered in the register are also shown, as are the areas covered by approved master plans and town plans. Old servitudes formed before 1998 are still shown in text form.

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