All About Laser Distance Measuring Tools

With Laser Distance Measuring Tools you have more accurate readings especially at extended lengths. The longer that a measuring tape measure is extended, the harder it is to get an accurate measurement. You have to worry about slack in the line or applying too much tension on the tape and stretching or possibly even breaking it. You have to line up the foot directly with the starting point. Even temperature can affect your measurement. Laser distance measurers are one of the fastest and most accurate ways to collect measurements. Most base model Laser Distance Measuring Tools will handle a length of 100 feet and if you are using a target and an advanced model it will reach much longer distances.

Easy operation is the same for most Laser Distance Measuring Tools. The distance measurer projects a laser which looks very similar to that of a laser pointer. Simply point and press the button. It will automatically measure to where the laser is pointed. (You can select whether you want the length of the tool itself included in the measurement or not.) Most Laser Distance Measuring Tools can do basic calculation like addition, subtraction, area, and volume. They can also store previous measurements (depending on the model) into internal memory. Some lasers will track minimum and maximum measurements. You can automatically transfer between different units of measure such as feet, inches, tenths, meters, etc. Some lasers have a built in tilt detector to take measurements at an angle, ranging anywhere from 45 to a full 360.

The Pythagorean function is a versatile feature found on most laser distance measurers. With this feature you can calculate the length of an object using 3 points. Using this method you do not have to be at the start or end point when taking the measurement. Use it if you do not have a target point or if you need to find the height of a window that is on the second floor. (A magnified viewfinder is helpful if you are outside and are having trouble seeing your laser dot.) Another great feature is wireless blue tooth connection capabilities, which allows you to automatically transfer your saved measurements to a pocket PC and/or laptop and input them directly in to programs like AutoCad, Excel, and others.

Please note: The options above do not apply to all laser measuring devices. Please check product specifications or contact EngineerSupply to see what options are available with specific models.

Benefits of Laser Distance Measuring Tools

  • Single Person Use (you can take measurements by yourself easily)
  • Records Measurements
  • More Accurate
  • Safer
  • Quicker Measuring
  • Long Distance
  • Basic Calculations Built-in
  • Illuminated
  • Versatile
  • Automatic
  • Compact
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